I started taking photographs at the age of 13 when my father bought me my first camera (a small 35mm compact Prinz from Dixons!) and I have been taking photographs ever since. I wouldn’t put the camera down and took it everywhere with me. My only restriction was the ration in buying film as my pocket money only went so far. I quickly realised I was happiest when I had a camera in my hand and I would spend hours taking photographs of everything and everyone around me. Luckily I had an adorable and patient cat and very cute younger cousins!

Many years have passed and I have upgraded my equipment somewhat since then. As 35mm film gave way to digital images, new challenges and learning opportunities emerged. It became possible to make great pictures, not just using a camera, but also having even greater control over an image using my very own PC. The first time I had a play on photoshop it blew my mind. Endless possibilities!

I still find the greatest joy in taking photographs of people in their own environments. I love the variety in the work that I do and the most enjoyable part is to meet and get to know people, which is pretty lucky, given that’s what wedding and family photography is all about.